Friday, January 15, 2016

Manchester City F.C. quilt

It's a well-established fact that children come into the lives of a great variety of people; people who like horses and people who like fine wine and people who like cheap tea.  Even people who like football have smaller people in their lives, young humans they love and dote upon, and, occasionally, gift quilts to:

This quilt is four rows, three columns, seven stripes per column.  If you are not a Man City fan, you might not immediately recognize that the stripes mimic the stripes in the team crest.  Given that the stripes are not weighted (the blue has wider stripes) in the team logo even a fan would be forgiven for not recognizing the connection immediately.  The result is a subtle, and I hope, welcome way for the little one to show their team colours without entirely living in de Bruyne jersey.

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