Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Uppercase Box - just one and hooked!

For my birthday this month, in addition to a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I was the lucky recipient of a subscription to Uppercase.

Uppercase is a monthly subscription of new YA titles - either something on sale the month it ships or the month before - no older. In addition to the book the monthly box includes a signed bookplate and a couple of pieces of bookish swag, all in a cute drawstring bag which does a marvelous job of keeping your book fresh when it's shoved in the depths of your bag.

October Uppercase box including first & then by Emma Mills

This month's selection is a book I flat-out never would have picked out for myself - the cover, although charming, is not particularly my style and the description (Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights) makes some delicate organ inside me seize up and twitch ever so slightly. However, two chapters in, I am enjoying it - the language is clever, the humour is the best kind of self-deprecating wit, and the characters are developing nicely. Sure I am not far in and I may want to abandon it at some point, but for now it has given me quite a few more laughs than I had without it, and if it weren't for Uppercase, I would never have given it a fair shake.

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