Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Sampler - Jacob's Ladder

This week's block features more half-square triangles - oh, I do love them!  Paired with coordinating 4-patches they make a common Jacob's ladder variation:

This variation features three fabrics:
a = yellow
b = the cerulean blue in the four-patch
c = large blue floral

To finish the above at 12.5" you'll need:
2- 5" squares a & c
25" x 2.5" a & b

Lay the squares right sides together (face to face), draw a line on the diagonal, and stitch quarter-inch on either side.  Cut apart on the drawn line and press open with seam to the darker fabric - trim down to 4.5" square

Stitch the 25" strips right sides together, press open with seam to the darker fabric.  Cut apart in 2.5" sections and stitch together to make the four-patches.  With a careful 1/4-inch seam these should work out to 4.5" - if your seams are narrower you may need to trim them down.

Stitch in rows of three, then stitch the rows together to make the block.

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