Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Sampler - Swamp Angel

In an effort to get motivated (and trick myself into using up some of my stash!) I will be noodling around with a different 12.5" block each week.  I have a garish and bright fat quarter collection I love, that's been aching to get out of the bin and this seems like the perfect project to put those prints to good use. 

The first block is Swamp Angel*, which features light-medium-dark prints (I am pretending gradmother's orange kitchen wallpaper is 'light'):
Swamp Angel 12.5" finished block

This block requires from the light fabric:
1 - 4.5" square (center)
2 - 5.25" squares (quarter square triangles)
2 - 4-7/8" squares (half-square triangles)

From the medium:
2 - 4-7/8" squares (half-square triangles)

From the dark:
2- 5.25" squares (quarter square triangles)

For the half-square triangles I stitch .25" on either side of a center diagonal, then cut apart:

And for quarter-square trianges I lightly starch the squares, lay them right sides together, then  cut on both diagonals:

This will make two hourglass patches.  Working with two pairs of triangles at a time, stitch each one on one of the short sides, press open . . .

 . . . then stitch together on the new long edge:

Repeat with the other half of the cut triangles, then repeat with the other pair of light/dark 5.25" fabrics

All blocks should finish at 4.5" square after trimming, then they are ready for assembly:

Stitch in rows, then press - And that's it!  Of course, now I need to decide on the second block for next week.  I'm thinking either Friendship Star or Chinese coin - I do love some half-square triangles!

* Anyone have a story on how this block got it's name?  I'd love to hear the theories!

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