Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tool Talk - Clover Wonder Clips

It seems like everyone else in the world already has Wonder Clips, but as with so many things, I'm a slow adopter.  I'm partial to Clover products, because they always last for just about forever, but have happily gone through quilting life with my office-supply store binder clips (which are much cheaper and easier to come by).

Thanks to the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s recent generous gift with purchase offer, I am now the proud owner of a pack of 10 clips.

The primary selling points from the manufacturer seem to be that they are light, bright, have a smooth flat bottom and are marked with 1/4" lines.  There's also a newer larger 'Jumbo' Wonder Clip, but I have only the original.

I've used them for hemming pants, matching seams between chunky jersey knits and cotton shirtings, and clipping ribbon to felt-backed bunting:

As to their status as an improvement - I'm sold!  They fill every benefit their manufacturers claim - they are small, convenient, strong, and while I have yet to use the markings on the reverse as intended, I do find them just the right size for clipping over a wrap-around binding.  They also have a benefit over regular binder clips in that they are smooth - my fingers don't become tender or sore after repeated opening and closing of the clips.  Of course, as I like to press and clip the binding to a whole quilt at a time:

 I'm afraid I won't be making an investing in several hundred of them just yet.  I will definitely picking up a pack here and there everytime I find them on sale - definitely worth the price!

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