Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Hop Party Pindows Tutorial Part Two

If you've been playing along with the tutorial, you should have one pinwheel block created, which will become one window pane in your first Pindow block.  To continue, repeat part one with three other pairs of complimentary prints and six white squares, so that you have a total of four pinwheel blocks that play well together (colour-wise).
Next you will use one of your 1.5" strips to create the window pane sashing.  Sew pinwheel blocks in pairs with the sashing between, pressing the seams in towards the sashing:

Next, stitch another 1.5" wide strip between the two rows:

When sewing sashing to pieced blocks, I pin excessively and then stitch with the sashing fabric on the bottom and the pieced backing on the top. Even though the sashing fabric is much narrower, doing it this way helps me to assure that the seams feed under the stitches without folding open.  Using a small stilleto and lots of pins helps with this step.

You should end up with a windowpane block that looks like this and measures 17.5" square:

After finishing this block (and having a congratulatory cuppa) repeat part one and two until you have used up 32 charm squares and created four pindowpane blocks like the one above.  (Note: your top is almost done!)

Additional tips about design walls and stilettos will follow.  Any other questions, please post at the bottom of this page.

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