Friday, April 6, 2012

Finish It Up! Friday April 6

I am pretty excited to have this custom wall quilt completed. The finished piece measures 40" x 60" and is pieced from cotton, silk, sateen, denim and tweed fabrics.

The hanging is done with a dowel through a rod pocket on the back. The dowel has an eye-hook on each end, each with a bit of grossgrain ribbon knotted through the hook and hung from a brick clip. I got the clips from and have to say I am most impressed with their service. I placed the order on Friday and they were delivered on Monday. I have no idea if the standard turn around is to pick-pack-post within 24 hours, but they certainly did that for me!


Nadine said...

gorgeous. Love the color scheme.

Mary said...

Very eye catching!

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