Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday's Mess

Do you ever have days when you're browsing Flickr or Pinterest and you look at all those well-organized, well-lit studios and feel a little bad about yourself? Maybe you don't have a private room with a custom Koala cabinet system or a walk-in closet for storing all your fabric.

Maybe you work from the dining table or a 2'x3' chipboard student desk that should have hit the scrap yard years ago or the floor, because it's the only flat space around.

I'm lucky enough to have a space to call my own, but it's not big enough for some of my projects which is when I have to take over the prime floor space in front of the fireplace (it's totally a coincidence that this always seems to happen when it snows). I just completed a queen-sized t-shirt quilt top, partially seen here:

And this is what the basement, where I drug out my collapsible cutting table looks like after the carnage is over:

So next time you realize you don't have Eleanor Burns' studio, don't sweat it - plenty of other quilters don't either!

I also learned a very important lesson about using sweatshirt material: Always clean the table between cutting the white sweathsirt fleece and the black ones. Honestly, it looked like Frosty moulted in there!

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