Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's do Lunch!

By Saturday afternoon my fridge looks a lot like this: Pretty barren, huh? Outside of some leftover Strawberry-Blueberry treat and a box of emergency almond bark there's not a lot besides sauces (and some onions and potatoes below). By Sunday evening, however, it looks like this:
While it's true that I could do something else with those two hours on Sunday evening, besides making salads, chopping snack veg and fiddling with ants-on-a-log, the ease of just chucking three things in a bag on a weekday morning is worth it. I have to remind myself of this regularly, because, wow, that's a long time straight to not be doing something more creative than chopping carrots.


Marlene said...

You are way to organized! I have always wanted to get my weeks food lined up like that and have failed miserably!

tarabu said...

Thanks - by Saturday morning my husband is grumbling that we have too much plasticware and by Sunday night's leftovers I'm wondering where it all went!

I miss it the weeks I fail to get it done - the ease of not stumbling over each other in the kitchen to get our lunches ready is wonderful.

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