Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well-Versed Purse tutorials

I've had more than a few requests lately for a tutorial for pieces from the Well-Versed Purse collection. I'm not going to make one at this time for a couple of reasons - one, because it takes so much time to prep a tute with good pictures. The other is because my style has evolved over years of practice based on my needs and feedback from the men and women who have purchased WVP Accessories.

I believe in giving credit (and royalties) where they are due and will suggest to everyone that they consider starting where I did five years ago - with Sherri Haab's Designer Style Handbags.

I think this book is brilliant and - given how many hundreds of craft books are published every year and how few are still in print five years later - I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

The going rate for tutorials on book purses is as high as $13.99 - for the same price (or a little less!) than that you can get Sherri Haab's book with twenty patterns. Everything from an altered book purse (a basic foundation that you can learn to embellish in all the ways that suit your life) to a felted sweater handbag to one of those cool clear vinyl totes with steel grommets.
In addition to nearly two dozen patterns, Haab's book offers great advice on fabrics, linings, tools, and techniques - way more than I could offer in a tutorial for the same price.

The number one complaint from reviewers on Amazon seem to be that it's geared for the young and there aren't any actual patterns. Quite frankly free-forming, template-free sewing is right up my alley and I think I'm mentally hip enough to be lumped in with those 'hip and funk '20's' as one reviewer said in her derogatory voice!
So that's my two cents - if you want to learn to make a book purse, evening bag, cigar box handbag and more, pick up a copy of Sherri Haab's book. If you try even one pattern, it will be well worth your effort and investment!

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