Thursday, June 17, 2010

a new painting

Last weekend's show was a snooze customer-wise, but I had a good time - lost two pounds sweating (and gained four eating chips and guac as I fell asleep) - and I got a new painting:

My photo skills leave a lot to be desired, as evidenced by the glare - but I really like him (even if he's got a very large violin/possibly cello on his shoulder). I traded my WTC handbag for him. On the one hand I was sorry to see the handbag go - I have almost no more of that fabric and doubt I will ever sketch the September 10th skyline on a purse again - but wow, did I need some fresh art in the house, you know?

Edit: The artist is Linda Ely (click for link to her site)

And I've just posted two new purses in my Etsy Shop - which can be found amongst the others in my Cosa Verde shop.

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