Sunday, June 27, 2010


A few weeks ago we moved the hens from their winter pen (high sun, near the house) to their summer pen (deep down in the fir trees) and just got around to taking down the old fence. There was a good bit of grass sprouted since the hens left, so my husband pulled out the lawn tractor and to hack it all down.

And ran over a nest of bunnies.

Fortunately, my husband has always been of the opinion that you cut the grass high, because if sun can't get down to the roots it can't germinate weeds as well and the high grass helps prevent moisture loss.

As we've learned this morning, it also protects itty bitty baby bunnies:

Look - they don't even have little puffy tails yet:

We tucked them into an older rabbit burrow under the shed, with some of their nest fur and grass. Assuming mum didn't get taken by a critter last night, she should find them in their new home:


clare's craftroom said...

Oh those poor little things ! Lucky you spotted them and helped them .

tarabu said...

Update - I saw two of them yesterday evening - I'm hoping the rest are also doing well!

Trina said...

as long as thier eyes are open they can fend for themselves, that is what a rehabilitator told me when I took a nest in that my dogs found in the backyard,

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