Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It's Sunday! Well, the day I'm writing this is Sunday, who knows when you'll be reading this - that's one of the wonders of the blogosphere. It can, in many ways, be like putting the wrong microfilm cassette in the reader and reading from a newspaper twenty years before the time you wanted.

But today, for me, is Sunday, April 18th. I went to the local Lutheran church's Flea Market yesterday with a pile of crap from my house and did rather well. I only stayed five hours (instead of the scheduled eight) because the combination of 45-degree-F temps and 20 mph wind gusts beat me into submission. Even with woolies in my wellies! So I packed up early, dropped my leftover household goods at the local charity shop, went home, turned on electric bed warmer and snuggled up to thaw out.

Half an hour later my beloved tells me that on Sunday (then, tomorrow; now, today) he's going to visit his father - without me! Now, my in-laws and I get along quite well, but I know I can be taxing and occasionally they'd rather have a visit without me.

The ramifications required an immediate trip to the local fabric shop. I mean, a whole day to myself? Score! Little did I know they were having their annual 50% off sale of thread and notions. Little did I know I would get home in time to go back out to fetch my beloved's inhaler from the pharmacy - but that second trip is a small price to pay for a whole day of not having to pay attention to anyone besides the cat.

In addition to a trunkload of thread, I got this:

A three and a half yard jelly roll. Talk about a bag full of possibilities!

I haven't broken into it yet, though. It's only two weeks until the From Scratch Market in Allentown, PA, so I spent the day (well, before my nap) making more Well-Versed Accessories:

Like this mini clutch - just the right size for an iphone (or lipsticks and a compact):

Or this notions folio, made from a sweet little copy of 'A Compendium of Household Hints':

and this shopping list folio, made from a ridiculously pink copy of 'Life According to Maude'

and this sales folio made from a copy of 'Quotable Hollywood' that's already been promised to the brilliant, Ms. Anne:

There's a few others in the works as well - including additional needlecraft cases and research folios. It has been a very good day! (We'll see how I feel about that tomorrow when I realize there's no clean laundry!)


Sparrow said...

Happy Earth Day!!

((Following the Horde from Mrs. B's place))

Kendra said...

Happy Earth Day! Just stopping in from Mrs B's Pagan Horde to say hello!

I love that purse!! Those are great, you're very talented!

tarabu said...

Thanks all! They're my year-round homage to Earth Day - you wouldn't believe how many books actually end up in the trash!

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