Monday, March 8, 2010

New Quilts

I put two new quilts up in the Etsy shop over the weekend and somehow missed putting them up here. My apologies!

They are:

A bright white reversible, featuring random strips of delicate florals. This looks much better in person than I was able to achieve with the digital image:

The first to be posted of my new 'Welcome Home, Little One' collection. I have a few more of this style ready to go and am working on a rowhouse design to come as well.

It never fails that when I hang a quilt on the line, the wind picks up. And, since it is March, I may well be photographing indoors for the next several weeks!

The Welcome Home collection will be at Hyattsville this year.


Marlene said...

Beautiful quilts!

tarabu said...

Thanks! I'm kind of in love with white quilts these days!

麻將一及通 said...
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