Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chez tarabu: Chick Pics

Last time we had a broody hen we got her a rooster and some fertilized eggs and damn if all three of them didn't turn out to be roosters!

So this time, when Brigitte went broody we called the hatchery and ordered up a bundle of chicks that are guaranteed to all be girls. Because chez tarabu does not want to be a home for cockfighting.

So here they are:
arriving from the post office:
being freed from the shipping carton:and trying to swim (yeah, they're supposed to be drinking that water):

and meeting my mother's Russian Blue, Myriah:

Shadow, who is part Russian Blue and part Maine Coon, didn't know what to think of this foolishness:

Unfortunately, Brigitte rejected them, two died the first night and they are now living in my kitchen.

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