Friday, February 26, 2010

BotD: Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby

It may surprise some to know that I'm know full-blood dork. Seriously, I'm kind of like the employee shuttle driver at Epcot Center: I cruise the perimeter, intimately aware of the ins, outs, dramas and trials of each little enclave of the dork forest, but really, I'm not one of them.

I remember choice lines from Buffy, but do not remember the episodes' names.

I know what a D20 is, but do not have one.

I am all about SuperGrover, but don't like Muppets take Manhattan.

I understand why Dragonlance people can't talk to Dragonrider people.

I understand that Halo is a lifestyle choice.

I respect comic-con, but I've never dressed up for anything that didn't start with 'Hallow' and end with 'een'.

I can unite with the other tribes of the dork forest in the universal disdain of civil war reenactors. Yes, they are the original larpers, but, dude, that's a level of dork that just won't wash off.

So it's with much voyeuristic joy that I share Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby: True Adventures in Cult Fandom.

It's hysterical, wonderful and touching - a deep, brazen, blindingly real tale of the lives, loves, turf wars, Orthodox tourists and homeless cats of Buffy Fandom. Being a Buffy Fan, I'm biased to give a lot of slack to the fans. Having never posted on a Buffy chat board, I am still an outsider who wonders how these grown-ups with jobs and rent and pets manage to spend this much time online with each other talking about a tv show. Yes, I do see the irony in my spending time writing about a book about people who talk/write/drink about a tv show.

Welcome to the dork forest. We have beer, cosmos, and cake. Really good cake.


Marlene said...

Funny - Almost makes me want to read it.

tarabu said...

It's a few years old - your library might have it. I don't know whether my favourite tale is the posting-board wars about who would have the best party or the Israeli girl who learned to speak English watching Buffy and was hosted on a tour of the US by fans from the chat boards.

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