Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BotD: Danny: The Astronaut Deer

Winter has it's cold, dead grip wrapped tightly around my home, which leaves my brain drifting towards spring's joys: it will soon be time to start seedlings and Artomatic will be opening registration.

One of the best part of Artomatic is the huge quantity of fabulous artists one gets to meet. Last year I had the joy of setting up next to Matty Burns, who showed off many of the paintings for his picture book Danny: The Astronaut Deer.

The story is the best kind of picture book - a simple, outrageous adventure, easy to read text and subtle pictures.

If your spring mindset has you thinking about children - whether it's a new baby, or a kindergarten graduation, or you're just missing the great wide wonder of childhood, when deer really could be astronauts - well, I suggest you pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed.

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