Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BotD: Breakfast with Tiffany

I love biographies - well-written tales of a life's homes, its loves, its fun and failure. They fulfill my deep human need to connect with others of the species while absolving me from the obligation to actually talk to people. They are what keep introverts alive.

So it's with much delight that my quiet little world - an introverted world of quiet scholarship, with three friends, all of the unlikely-to-get-me-arrested sort - tuned in one day to Breakfast with Tiffany.

It's the story of a forty-something single man of Manhattan, with his orderly life, orderly schedule and very orderly apartment who invites his hip, troubled, extroverted teenage niece to live with him. Beyond the usual Felix & Oscar antics that ensue ('teenagers are supposed to live in filth!') the emotional lessons of life's loves, losses and social upheavals are played out all over the place.

I highly recommend it for everyone who ever was a teenager and doesn't remember it being that bad (apparently, it was).

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