Friday, January 29, 2010


I started a feature on my facebook FanPage, the Book of the Day, however facebook doesn't allow archiving or sorting or searching by keywords, so if you want to find a past rec, you have to scroll through all my foolishness.

To correct for that, I'm going to double-post. You can look up prior botd mentions and reviews here any time you please by clicking the bookshelf icon in the sidebar, or looking up label 'botd'.

Even better, it gives me another tiny chance to sell out - all the links here in the blog will connect to Amazon, and if you decide to buy the book recommended, I get a tiny commission from the sale. Everybody wins!

If you've missed the goings-on on the fb page, lemme'splain:
I have a lot of books, I mean, a lot. I have been told that what is probably going on in my home is an undiagnosed compulsive disorder related to books, knowledge, and possibly the safety of nerd-dom. I find great comfort in books, in having them with me at all times (I even make my handbags out of books, and often large enough to hold a paperback in them, as well).
So to help justify my obsession, I am providing a public service by sharing my collection, one title a day, in no particular order, with the world. or at least my friends.

Today's BotD title: Plague's Progress

A fascinating social history of plagues, how and when they have arrived, and how they have worked to keep the population in check. As Oliver Sacks said, it makes you wonder how we've ever survived. This is one of those books that at the end, you'll be wondering whether science has done more harm than good (so far it hasn't) and you will probably find yourself eschewing gel hand sanitizers for old fashioned soap, hot water and a good rinse!


Marlene said...

Interesting topic for a book. I too have a compulsion for books mine just happen to be cookbooks.

tarabu said...

Hopefully I'll get to those shelves shortly. I'm trying to do a title each, from each section in fairly random order - not too many days of history in a row! I had to whip this one out, since I posted the Outbreak exhibit bit yesterday. It seemed appropriate.

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