Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Piece Quilt Set

I bristle just about every time I see a quilt pattern that says 'crib size' is 45" x 60" - when was the last time you saw a baby who was both young enough to be in a crib and big enough to need a (nearly) 4-foot by 5-foot cover?

If it weren't for my love of snuggling up on the couch under a good quilt, I'd be making doll quilts.
The whole point of this little rant is to show off a pair of quilts I have finished and ready for sale - one is 21" square - just right for wrapping around the body of that 20" newborn; and one is 38" square - just right for naptime or stroller.

The patterns are not identical - as you can see better after the link - the larger quilt has 6" x 8" patches made up of one 6" square and two 2" squares, the smaller quilt as 6" x 8" patches made of one 6" square and one 2" x 6" rectangle.

Edited: this item has been sold

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