Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a quilty mess

Thanks to the internet I find myself surrounded by responsible, clever, prolific artists who manage to produce scores of finished pieces a year. Even the slackers manage to edit digital videos of their slacking.
So, I do not have anything new finished at the moment, but here's a few pictures of a work in progress that I am really disappointed in:

I really like this pattern in theory, laid out on the table, and during the piecing, but at the quilted/unbound stage, I do not care for it much.

The individual stitches are longer than I usually make them, and I don't like the effect. It's not as neat, tidy, and ocd as the little stitches I like so much.

It did not come out in this picture, but there is an area between the pale blue and the bit that looks like river rocks in mud (if you squint) where the seam skips by an inch. I have no idea how that happened - the river-rock-y bit was sewn as one long seam, with a pair of long threads, so I can't imagine how those gaps got there.

Quite frankly, I'm disappointed enough that I don't know if I would even give this to the local ASPCA and I know they'll take threadbare towels.

I know I'll probably like this more after it's bound and washed, but right now I don't like it much at all.
If I ever do find a flickr group for craftfails, this may go up there.

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