Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more not-productive time

Obviously I have been lacking in the motivation to accomplish things of late. Sure, I have glued carefully cut out pieces of leaves (from vinyl wallpaper) to scraps of oriented strand board (the dichotomy amuses me) but I have not produced much of value.

I have, however, found a video of an octopus running, and it is about as funny as watching me run (I am told).

Did you know that the octopus is technically a mollusk - just without a shell? *

Apparently the occasional octopus develops a bit of an inferiority complex about this and runs around stealing coconut husks to make a pseudo shell out of. Kind of like the comically bad toupee on a certain real estate mogul I cannot afford to out because he'd sue the chair out from under me.

* No, seriously, click here.


Anne said...

I think CNN had a much more optimistic spin on the whole octopus thing. They snatch up the coconut shells to create body armor, protecting themselves from assorted predators inside these lovely little armored igloos that they build. Before humans came along and started providing perfectly sliced coconut shell halves, they probably used clam shells. Viewed from that perspective, they're the indie crafters of the seas and should probably be featured on Apartment Therapy.

tarabu said...

It amuses me that they evolved out of a shell, yet run around trying to get one.
(Kinda like humans who lost the need for excessive hair in cold environments but still want to wear a mink)

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