Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teenage Turtles from the wrong side of the tracks

Science Friday is one of the many small pleasures I look forward to every week. Ira Flatow's voice pulls me to the radio like the pied piper pulls children to the abyss.

He really should not have put his picture on the internet, because now if I ever meet him, I will recognize him and go all giggly and socially inept like I did the time I met Eliot Engel when I was thirteen. At that point I had been a Dickens' Disciple for approximately four years and meeting him was like meeting Jordan Knight would have been for a normal tweener. *

The point of this little bit of taracana was to introduce today's diversion: a video that was previously featured on Science Friday. It is about the kind of taxpayer funded science program that sounds frivolous at first blush, but that almost always winds up expanding our knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things:


*sidebar - I could not remember the names of any members of New Kids on The Block (I know, you are shocked) so I had to do a search and - did you know - there is actually an annual three day cruise with NKOTB members. For what? a chance for a bunch of forty year old women to pretend they still look good in Aqua Net and neon pink, while deep down trying to reclaim some of the lost hopefulness of a time when their life was a glorious buffet before them before marriage and kids crushed their souls? I totally do not get how they have sold that out for next year already. But hey, if those women come home a little happier, with a little more spring in their step (and don't turn around and divorce their husbands for not giving them the life of excess they wanted) then all the better.

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