Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I know I am no Anna Wintour, but . . .

. . I have a deep, internalized love of fashion.

It is true that I generally dress like a child who was adopted by gypsies after being raised by wolves for the first nine years of my life. However, it is also true that deep in my core lives a woman of unassuming style and grace, whose shoes are always polished, whose earrings always match and whose stockings never run and have impeccably straight seams at all times.*

It is also true that I have a boiling cauldron of snark that is rarely tamed.

I did manage to hold my tongue last weekend when I saw a woman wearing a polyester sweatsuit tucked into suede boots, but I am not always so lucky. Often whatever companion is unfortunate enough to be with me when I see a blatant fashion offense is forced to listen to my commentary in a tone just below stage whisper.

You will not be surprised, then, to know that I enjoy the voyeuristic snark of the peopleofwalmart blog.

I am a little fed up with them, though, and may not go back thanks to the touch of smarminess I noticed there the other day. You see, many of the tags on their posts had little or nothing to do with either the photo or the commentary. Such blatant fiddling of search engine spiders angers my deeply inflexible moral code.

The site has been reviewed in multiple national media outlets - blog readers and voyeurs are actively looking for what they offer, there is no need for such sophomoric foolishness.

I do not feel like I am missing out on much, either. You see, I work in a city with a rich and diverse population, very near an Arts College; so I can see plenty of mismatched clothing and poor underwear choices without having to ever boot up my computer.

*A woman who was thrilled when the etiquette gods declared that one could pair a navy skirt with black shoes and black stockings and not be stoned outside her door by vicious mavens wielding Chanel eyeshadow compacts and quilted clutches.

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