Saturday, November 21, 2009

HollyFest - This Weekend in North Baltimore!

Hollyfest will celebrate its 25th anniversary this Saturday and Shelly Daly will be there for her fifth year!

The Friends School show is a big, bustling family oriented show that takes place in two gymnasiums and the new cafeteria as well as outside for the sale of, you guessed it, well as other greenery and potted plants!

It offers lots of handmade crafts, music and fun events for kids. Besides the crafts which include some amazing ceramics, jewelry (of course there’s lots of that), fiber art, photography and fine art, there is Gourmet to Go packed with yummy donated home baked goods which are sold as a fundraiser for the Parents Association.

The kids can enjoy the Elf Booth where they can make inexpensive “secret” do it yourself gifts for their parents while they’re off doing some shopping. One of my favorite things every year is the holiday wreaths and plants which sell at great prices. There’s even lunch available in the cafeteria, usually pizza or hot dogs with drinks and chips. Maybe this year with a brand new cafeteria that just opened, the lunch menu will get a little healthier!

The hours are 11-4. The event is in the gymnasium and cafeteria at the back of the campus. There are traffic guides all around the campus and plenty of parking.

There is a $5 entry fee as the event is a fundraiser. This is a great place for kids to feel comfortable roaming and looking for inexpensive gifts.

Sorry no website for the event, but you can visit for directions.
Post written by Shelly daly

P.S. FuzzyMug will be there, too!

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