Monday, October 26, 2009

chaps my hide

I play the tv while I work - mostly videocassettes from twenty years ago, but occassionally I put the commercial tv on. My household has cable, so I get to pay to watch commercials.

That chaps.

Do you remember when you paid for cable and the channels you paid for only showed commercials for their own programming.

Know what else chaps?

I heard a McDonald's commercial where a bloke was wandering around trying to shop with a dollar. He did not get far, until he got to the McDonald's where he was offered a sandwich, 'with all the amenities'.

Are condiments 'amenities'?

Possibly. I mean, if a hotel shampoo and soap are 'amenities' even though we have come to expect them, then I suppose condiments could be considered amenities.

But is it really the most appropriate word for that commercial? Or is the last fellow left in the ad agency trying desperately to save their job by using words they have not thought about since the SATs?

Also, while we* are speaking of how tv chaps my hide, what of The Weather Channel? I also ask those of you over 25 to recall a time when the weather channel was a respectable source of verified weather news and reasonable predictions. I ask you now to look upon the new WUWA morning show on The Weather Channel. It has achieved the high level of journalistic quality you find in 1980's local television news casts. Now I find myself logging on to the interwebs for my three day forecast and frost advisories rather than subjecting myself to jovial foolishness at first light.

*I am well aware I am using the royal 'we', and I don't care, because aren't blogs the modern, socially accepted form of monologue?

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