Thursday, October 8, 2009

awwww, look at the dork

and by dork, I mean me, who still has not managed to post Iggy's adventures from two weeks ago, but let a couple people challenge me to post my lamest art to Etsy, and I am on it in record time!

It has been suggested previously that I do not know how to manage my time, but I think the evidence suggests that I just have very skewed ideas about what are worthwhile things to do with my time.

So here it is:

It is linked to a listing in my Etsy site - I tried my best to make as heartfelt and moving a listing as on the kitten amputee painting, but I may have failed. Also, since the Rat Pack is listed for $35,000 (or best offer) and the amputee kitten is $99,000, I think my asking price of $450 is a wicked bargain.

Because I am a stand-up dork, I have not added any of my Etsy groups to my listing and I won't be submitting my own piece of foolishness to Regretsy, because that would be wrong.

P.S. that afternoon sunbleaching effect is hot, isn't it?

Update: 20 minutes later - holy crap y'all, 9 people have looked at this crap!

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