Friday, September 18, 2009

this is what your doing?

Yeah, I should be in the kitchen working out where my little box of acrylics went, or cleaning out the back of the car, so I can pack it up for this weekend's event, or washing my hair so I don't look like a lost Rom when I go to work, but mostly, I'm sitting at the computer posting pictures of my chicks.

Yep, Myrtle got the brood she's been after:

We were up to four, but the sweet little blond runt died of exposure. These snaps are about a week old - I need to get back out there with the camera and see if I can get a shot of their wing feathers that are coming in. Tee hee. I live in the sticks!


Marlene said...

They are so adorable, baby animals tug at my heart, thanks for posting their pics.

tarabu said...

Me, too. The simple giggly joy of watching their mother teaching to scratch can while away a good bit of the afternoon.

If I ever work my way up to a digital video recorder, I'll be posting all manner of foolishness from the homestead!

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