Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stone Fence Gardens, Part 1

So, I was too excited by my stack of orders and too tired to sit at the computer last night, so the Stone Fence Gardens update will come in stages.

First of all, Stone Fence Gardens is a garden center with greenhouse, potted plants and oodles of yard art. Iggy and I were quite taken with it all.

Iggy made a very special friend (whose face was obscured by a passing breeze every time I clicked the shutter open!)
And found a super jack-o-lantern that will never rot and has a smokestack!
But there was one sculpture that frightened him a little bit. Well, maybe a lot, since he tried to climb up my skirt!

It was Tractorsaurus Rex! The scourge of overgrown gardens everywhere!

If he would have fit in my car I would have brought him home to tame my overgrown garden.

There are tons more wooden sculptures there, including grizzly bears and wizened wizards with hats and pipes, and oodles of little stone pieces including adorable sleeping kittens and puppies. I was there to sell, though, and didn't spend nearly enough time taking pictures.

All the sculptures are for sale, click here for directions.

Pictures of the art Iggy found will post later (hopefully this evening!)

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