Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Line-up

I am going to be at a new event this weekend - the fall festival at StoneFence Gardens, in Thurmont, MD. It is the third year for the event and the first year I will be attending. The site's website is woefully out of date and doesn't provide much in the way of info - but the actual location is lovely, and a great fall drive out of the Capitol before it gets too butt freezing cold.

The address is 6610 Mountaindale Road, Thurmont, MD, 21788

This weekend's event is Saturday and Sunday - I believe we'll all be set-up by ten am, but don't hold me to that.

Next weekend, September 26th is the twice-annual Crofton Town Festival. I'll be slugging it out in the not-90-degree cool with Dot Dot Stitch and am quite looking forward to it!

The following weekend is a weekend off, but one of my quilted play mats will be in a raffle at the 35th Anniversary fete of my local Montessori school.

The weekend of October 10-11 is the Catoctin Colorfest, another annual favourite of mine. This time I'll be a little deeper into the park - space 101. Which is farther from the joy of lambburgers, but will hopefully be just as well shaded.

After that I am off until two events in November. See You There!

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