Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skully Library Tote Contest

It's your chance to enter to win MrsB's library tote. Well, not her tote specifically, but the same fabrics in the adjustable style she designed.

The outer and lining fabrics are from Alexander Henry - the inner is the ridiculously garish 'los novios' sugar skull print, which I adore.
The strap is adjustable, and there's a large pocket on the flap for your library list.
I have an accent quilt ready to show with these and similar fabrics that will be up shortly.
So, how do you win this bag for your very own? Well, head over to my shop and find your favourite tarabu creations, then link over to MrsB's giveaway post and let the world know what you like best. You can earn extra entries by following MrsB's blog and mine, by linking to the contest from your own blog or by tweeting the contest, RT @MrsBsConfession - Full details at MrsB's Blog.


Anonymous said...

Lovely fabric!
I love the coupon organizer you made for me, Tara, but it is so soft, that every time I open it - all my cards and coupons are falling out. Any ideas on how to stifen it? Thank you.

tarabu said...

I suppose the fact that I have four thousand receipts in mine provides enough pressure to keep the cards inside.

I could use interface, but I'll have to make a new one (that fabric was discontinued. How do you feel about the fabrics on the giveaway bag? I could use either or both of those and swap out a new one for your old one!

Anonymous said...

I do have lots of stuff in mine too, but the credit cards are quite slippery.Your offer sounds good, or I can just pay you for the new one, and give the other one to my niece. I like that dark fabric too! Thank you Tara.

tarabu said...

After much deliberation, I'm *pretty sure* in fact, almost entirely confident that I can deconstruct and reconstruct yours with the appropriate interfacing and little or no loss of width. Send it back and I'll work on it - or bring it to stonefence on the 19th and I'll pick it up then.

Anonymous said...

I will try to make it there. Thank you, Tara.

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