Friday, August 28, 2009

chez tarabu update

There's been some minor interest in the goings on at chez tarabu, so here's your update:
* I'm a lousy sidewalker - I netted nothing this week. I am slightly excused in that half the path on the way to work has been ripped out and has lovely new brickwork that has yet to be sullied by much debris.

* One of our new hens died. Did I tell you we got new hens? Possibly not, I've been busy. Well, we got five new hens and a rooster and one of the hens, who happened to be the rooster's special friend, died. We know she was alive at two in the afternoon and dead by seven in the evening, so she got buried instead of eaten.

The rooster's name is Foghorn (although he's not a leghorn breed) and the girls are Madeline, Brigitte, and two other French names I forget at the moment (they were named by their last family).

* My girlfriend's baby is due in six days and I'm just now starting her quilt. sigh

* I've signed up for five shows this fall and committed a quilt to a local school's anniversary raffle.

Evidence would suggest I am an idiot who does not know how to manage my time.


Marlene said...

Sorry about your hen - maybe you need to learn to say sorry, no instead of learning to manage your time. Just a thought.

tarabu said...

Oh, but if I say 'no' I'll miss out on the event. I've met so many great people at these crazy things I do, I can't bear not to say yes. Even if it does turn me into a basket case for three months of the year!

Punky's Mamma said...

Hi Tara!

Just wanted to say I got my tote today - and I freaking LOVE it!

It is everything I thought it would be and more - absoloutely gorgeous work...

Thank you!!

tarabu said...

Punky - You are quite welcome - I hope it enjoys your adventures as much as you do!

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