Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zombie Fred doll

Actually, I think Fred's just been spending too much time downstairs in the super's apartment consuming zombies. Unless he's got mono or some other condition that leads to constricted pupils and extreme lethargy.

This denim Fred is possibly the most useless of all the Fred's (and none of them are very helpful.) He won't listen to your wails, can't help move your furniture back to the basement of your parent's house and he can't see very well at all.

Oh well.

He's approx 10" tall with a 4" wide head and narrow legs. He is suitable for sticking pins into and he can be safely used to hit most recalcitrant appliances without fear of damaging them worse than they already are.*

*this is not a recommended use and tarabu assumes no liability if you use your Fred to roll up a smack-down on your monitor, causing it to fall off your desk, taking your $600 SLR with it - or whatever else misfortune might befall you and your property when you use a Fred for abusive purposes.

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