Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rebound Designs - One of A Kind Productions

The week before last at site selection for Artomatic, I finally met Caitlin of Rebound Designs. I first saw her work at Artomatic 2008, and while our paths have crossed at various shows and events, they hadn't previously intersected.

If you aren't familiar with her work, she also makes BagBook Purses, but instead of original art on modern books, she alters classic volumes, allowing the original cover art to speak for itself. She also offers more competitively priced wallets made from the reclaimed covers of modern paperbacks. I'm seriously considering asking for a custom wallet made from my first copy of Winter of our Discontent, which if you haven't read it is one of the quintessential classics of 20th Century US Literature and what are you waiting for?

A meager selection from her shop follows:

Caitlin is preparing a new line for display at Artomatic 2009, on display May 29 - July 5. Items presented at Artomatic will be available for delivery after July 7 (that goes for me, too!)

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