Monday, April 13, 2009

I went shopping today - hurray! I'm on a mission to make a special library tote (but of course I bought fabric unrelated to the tote!)

I'm thinking the outside is going to be the subtle grey and white on black skully floral hearts and vines, and the inside is going to be the garish day of the dead party.The pink? Well, the pink was just too cute to pass up!

Then, of course, I had to buy quilting fabric:

Since I haven't the patience for piecing anything bigger than a trading card, the cranes are going to be a machine stipple quilted wholecloth blanket; while the dragons are going into the *very* small handquilting pile. Because some fabrics just require your hands in them for them to come alive.
P.S. Registration for Artomatic is still open.

1 comment:

mrsb said...

Awesome materials! You make me wish I had any kind of sewing ability!

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