Saturday, March 21, 2009

StephGdotOrg - ATC swap

My pieces of art from StephG arrived in the mail Thursday afternoon - and I couldn't be more tickled!

This is the first one I saw - and bonus of bonuses: those are real nails! On a field completely reminiscent of old-fashioned sticking plaster (the kind you wrap broken limbs with!) It brings to my ear all my childhood's warnings about wearing shoes and not playing with rusty things!

I do not know if my camera (or my inability to get high enough over my desk) has really captured how exquisite this piece is, in a gloriously subtle way. This piece definitely deserves a proper display, and I will be heading over to Rose's shop, as soon as my allowance racks up a little, and buying a frame for this one.


Karen said...

When we rehabbed our house in Baltimore City, we found all kinds of nails like those---they are cool!

StephG said...

i'm so glad you like them!

the plaster-like stuff is handmade paper recycled from paper scraps and dryer lint.

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