Sunday, February 22, 2009

Original - Affordable - Art for Kids

It's never too early to teach your child (or your neighbor's child or that screaming kid in seat 4a, who's parents didn't have the sense to sit behind the bulkhead so their kid would be kicking the wall instead of your sacrum) the value of respecting their tools and the joy of taking their art with them every where.

Two of my favourite kid's art organizers are below - both offer a convenient, compact way to store and carry crayons and drawing paper. One of the best features is that the scrap paper can be easily replaced - either with notepads or 3x5 notecards available from any office supply store.


WeePereas brings us the Crayon booklet - room for the eight basic crayons, a 4x6 drawing pad and a dandy velcro closure. Even the smallest hands can manipulate velcro. Cotton fabric, machine washable, available in this and other prints from $12.50

Oh, and I have some of that tree fabric - it's adorable, isn't it?


WhimsyBitsandBobs offers another eight crayon wrap-up, with a ribbon closure and room for twice the scrap paper, perfect for older doodlers. I think I might need one for me. Cotton Fabric, Machine Washable, available in this and other colour combinations from $12

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