Friday, February 6, 2009

Found On The Beach - Sea Glass and other treasures

In addition to fine jewellery, I am a fan of fun jewellery, and Found On the Beach definitely fulfills those desires. Chunky and simply, hands and throats, vintage upcycles and new compilations, all the offerings are sweet, fun, and just a tiny bit unisex (at least, my favourite pieces are!)

Okay, so I would not offer the green glass necklace to a male cousin, but those rings would look just as a happy on my right hand or his (although you might want to double-check that they are that adjustable)
The shop is also offering free gift wrapping - if you've just discovered your sig other, or mom or maiden aunt would really like to receive something this year, this is a great way to give a little something that says 'I was thinking, fondly, of you' without going into hock or buying one of forty-thousand of the same thing at malls all over the country!

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