Monday, February 2, 2009

Bent Objects - a little wired, a little weird, very cool

I think we have all established that when I am having a creative clamp (or only have ten minutes and do not think I can accomplish anything in that time) that I can become a genius at wasting time on ye olde interwebs.

Today's nugget of simple joy comes in the form of Bent Objects. Admittedly, the ear hair creeps me out, but this little guy makes me giggle:

The artist's title is 'Drugs and Art Don't mix' but oh, all the things he could be saying - about how prescriptions effect your ability to accomplish anything - what if he was trying to write his thesis on 19th century fur trading in the Mississippi River Basin; or a proposal for a new advertising client that could make or break his firm; or is he the 'before' picture of a Ridalin (sp?) prescription, with a sad simple straight line as the 'after.'

I love art.

Spreadsheets don't make me ask those questions


Walk in the Woods said...

Very cool. Very funky. Thanks for sharing Bent Objects with us!

Happy creating!

Kim said...

How cool is that.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - I left the link for the cookies.

tarabu said...

Thanks - I'm looking forward to trying it out!

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