Sunday, January 11, 2009

The wonders of the internet . . .

. . . to inspire, advise, amuse, and offer just a little bit of mindlessness.

Today's dalliances are best represented by Jason Epstein's post on The Daily Beast about the failures and futures of the books publishing industry, which served to inspire and stimulate

and the The Cartoon Network which allowed me to be willfully mugged - the loss: my time.

It all starts innocently enough, I browse Etsy Treasuries or random blogs and occasionally, often if it's after nine o'clock or two glasses of wine, find myself in the kind of ennui where blank paper, blank canvas, and the overflowing piles of fabric that comprise my ufo bin are overwhelming and I simply can't accomplish anything. So I digress. I play internet pinball or mahjongg or read the clever and witty blogs of the Guardian until it's really too late for me to accomplish anything and I must retire, or be a right bitch in the morning.

Enjoy your internet dalliances; may you go to sleep with clean sheets and a smile on your face - for tomorrow, always tomorrow, we create!

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