Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Debby Arem Designs

If you thought you just weren't quite geeky enough, or you just don't know what to get for your nephew who's a computer engineer (and whose spartan apartment doesn't leave any doubt of that fact) Debby has just the right collection of practical office gear and beautiful home accessories to fill the less-than-completely-geeky void in your life.

For the readers in your life, who love the feel of an 'old-fashioned' book after staring at the computer all day, consider treating them to a set of one of a kind computer circuitry bookmarks.

For the Duration of the CREST Inaugural Sale (01/17 - 01/25) Debby Arem Designs is offering a free Micro Mini Magnetic Clipboard with all orders over $20. hmmmm, which will you keep for yourself and which will be a romantic gift for the geek in your life?

Don't forget to click here to enter a contest to win a $30 gift certificate to tarabu.etsy.com or tarabustash.etsy.com.

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