Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When there's a new baby in your circle of life, it's so easy to be torn between wanting to give them everything and wanting to give them only the best. Fortunately, when it comes to toys, babus lets you do both.

From crinkly books to blocks to rattles, they've got you covered in finding fun, safe toys for your little joy.

Like these lovely felt rings - safe to handle, safe to chew on (do you really want your baby gnawing on plastic?) and easy to throw in the wash.

Visit all the toys at http://www.babus.etsy.com/ and take advantage of the few days left for the sale - Free Shipping on all orders - plus, 25% of the sales during the promotional period (01/17 - 01/25) will be donated to the Whitman-Walker Clinic.
and don't forget to click here to enter my contest to win a $30 tarabu or tarabustash gift certificate.

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