Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet Iggy

I'd like you to meet Iggy - he's very sweet, a little shy, and all bloody red teeth. He's not a monster, though, well not the kind that eats people or housepets - he's just really, really fond of red popsicles.

Iggy really needs a home and someone to take care of him. You see, he has no arms, so he can't feed himself, and he has no feet, so he can't stand up. He can't sit up by himself, either, so he needs a comfy couch or chair, or even a bed pillow. He's also very self-conscious about his varicosities - you see his inseam is a blanket stitch and he'd much rather have a blind seam. All the cool dolls have blind seams, he says.

He's 16" tall (not counting his hair), 5" wide and about 3" deep.Iggy's really quite chill - he likes to lay about and lay low; sometimes he likes to let his hair down, sometimes he wears it up.

He mutated from an old sweater, so although he's got new stuffing, he's probably got some old stories to tell. Unfortunately he doesn't have a jawbone or voicebox, so we may never know what they are. That's probably just as well, you don't want your secret life witnessed by someone who might blab.

Look out for future posts of Iggy's adventures - including Iggy's Bad Day and Iggy's train ride adventure.


Sinje Ollen said...

Iggy is very cute! I am on ravelry (sinjeollen). Are you?

tarabu said...

My terrible apologies at the delay in getting back to you - I've been in a bit of a morass of late. I have not yet been sucked into the cult of ravlery, but I have lurked on the edges of the vortex more than once and may one day throw myself headfirst into the whirlpool!

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