Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pink of Perfection - Suggested Reading

Whether you're looking for a quick, fabulous recipe for a worknight meal or a cheap way to spruce up your dull apartment, the Pink of Perfection has you covered.

The reviews of festivals, shops, and studios, the video tutorials and winning words will give you a chance to live vicariously through the days of a hip, tired, subway-riding city girl who wants a little more beauty, a little more simple, and a little more joy in her 500 square foot apartment and the world at large.

The adventure suggestions carry well outside New York City - surely there's a fun, local, independent bakery in your own neck of the woods where you can plop down five dollars for a coffee and some carbs; or perhaps a local historic site you can tour for a few hours; try searching 'your state name + local farms' in any search engine and seeking out hay rides, pick your own farms, weekend markets or, if you're lucky enough to live north of Knoxville, Cider doughnuts!

The Pink of Perfection also offers a monthly (or more often challenge) such as - what are you grateful for? what are your recipe staples? what are the five things you can't live without? Could you drop your modern vice for a month? I tried that one, I tried to be less neurotic about checking my Etsy shop hits every twenty minutes and not setting my clock for the evening scandal report on the radio.

I highly recommend checking out the video links and searching the past blog posts by month - what did last fall offer in suggestions for the holidays, or what was the best of last march.

So pull up a chair, fire up the percolator, head on over to and enjoy!

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