Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Wednesday - time to Win Something!

I love winning free stuff - especially stuff I'll use, or at least want to try!

Rose has a giveaway at her blog every Wednesday - this week it's a sample of her organic Love Tea:

This is the kind of tea you absolutely must have an empty house for - send the kids to the neighbours, lock the dogs out, send your boyfriend out to the store, put the kettle on and settle down for a cup of comfortable solitude.

You can click over to today's giveaway at

If you're not a fan of tea (or if drinking boiled flowers puts you off) the Etsy Giveaways site is your home for a plethora of constant giveaways; including an offer ending today for two bars of handmade soap and a wooden soap deck from Jabon Handcrafted Soaps:

This would make a fabulous hostess gift when you don't want to show up with more flowers or a bottle of wine. You can find the contest page at scroll all the way down to the bottom for your chance to enter.


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