Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Useful Things

It's time to get back into the daily groove, which is proving more than a little difficult for me this year.

So instead of showing off anything new of my own, it's time to visit an old standby - DottyRal.

I have a great fondness for quilting, and my personal habit is to only use straight pins. I know some use basting spikes or safety pins (plain or curved) for their quilting, but I like plain old straight pins. Their versatility and easy storage pleases me.

Also, I haven't had to buy new pins in two years now because I have discovered the joy of the self-sharpening pin-cushion. In addition to sharpening your pins and needles with every jab, these pincushions make excellent pattern weights. They are heavy enough to hold down your pages, but their weight is evenly distributed so they will not tear your tissue.

So here, to share the joys, a little view of what Dotty has available in her shop:


Dotty said...

Hey Tara! What a nice surprise! Thanks for the feature!

tarabu said...

Its a pleasure - the more hints I lay out there for assorted friends and family, the better for me, right?

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