Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wowsers - antiques!

My grandfather took a nasty fall last month on a tile floor, and after a week in he hospital (with a fair bit of rehab to go) he decided that it was about time he and my grandmother moved into an apartment at an over-sixties campus rather than staying in their sprawling house by themselves.

The moving truck came today, with just about everything they couldn't pack into their apartment. The only things I had had my hopes on one day having were my grandparents dining table that I ate at every summer of my youth and one of my great-grandma martha's quilts.

Quelle surprise - my grandparents had so much more to give! Much, much more, including this sofa, which belong to my great grandparents in their grand house, that I wasn't allowed to play on when I was young:

I'm lucky I'm not one of the big people of this world - at 5'4' in shoes I get the best raspberries from the bottom of the bush and I get to enjoy the wonder of sleeping on this stout-and-sturdy sofa. I no longer covet my mothers napping couch now that I have this.

I did get my great-grandparents dining table, too. But the best, best part so far, has been the quilts - half a dozen so far and I doubt I've found them all. In addition to the double-wedding ring my mother has that her grandma martha made, my grandparents gave us this treasure:

It's a friendship quilt from the church sewing circle.

Right next to the unfettered joy of being able to share my grandparents treasures while they are still alive is the great humbling that comes from having truly irreplaceable treasures that were created by relatives I only know from stories.

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April Mist said...

I love these treasures from the past that have been passed down! I too had a very sentimental quilt from my grandma and her quilting church friends...I loved that quilt until it was literally in shreads!

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